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I never thought I would see myself making my own candles. This all started thanks to my other half for gifting me a candle making kit. I made my first candles and I was hooked. It brought a sense of pleasure, excitement and joy I was not expecting. The sense of balancing each ingredient precisely to create a candle brought a rush that I did not anticipate. The ratio of wax to fragrance, the container and wick, heating the wax and getting to the optimum temperature to pour and then waiting in anticipation overnight to see how the candle turned out. 

Candle making has been a steady process and it continues. There are so many facets that go into candle making that I appreciate candles more now than I ever did previously. 

I guess I enjoyed making candles and giving them away to family and friends, and with encouragement I thought why not give it a go, pass on some light and relaxation one candle at a time. 

We have been testing and we still test containers and wicks and wax to make sure you receive a great candle and you can enjoy it as long as you can, taking into consideration our candle care instructions. 

The inspiration behind the name Sekai is owed entirely to my mother and my motherland, Zimbabwe. Sekai Candles is about trying to give back to a world that continues to give so much. A world that is hurting because of us. We are trying to do our part by recycling, repurposing and reusing what we can to enjoy this world as long as we can. We are trying to do what we can for our children through making sustainable soy wax candles, that burn slower and longer in reusable containers, that ultimately bring us a sense of relaxation, calm, well being and a flicker of light into our lives. 

We hope you enjoy our candles and we look forward to making these candles for you with love in small batches.